22:55 p.m,1/11/2017 As ya know, I’m still awake as usual :) This morning i deactivated my facebook account because i’m so sick of watching you being online without texting me any messages(ya know a message from you could keep me up all night regardless of its content). This morning i was disappointed when i was watching you watching her so attentively and considerately in the class. At that very moment, i realized on the spot that although you was sitting next to me, your little heart was beating for Her.Sometimes think that you just flirt with me to make Her jealous, that you are taking advantage of me, is it right sweetheart( excuse me for calling u by that name becauce to me you are always my sweetheart). Sometimes i really want to acquire your heart, which must belong to me but what can t do when it is Her? :((). I am really confused and don’t know what to do next :((

Dear my crush! 1/10/2017 It’s nearly 00:00 ya know but i am still awake, i don’t know exactly since when i made a habit of it but i really want to break that bad one. i cannot sleep earlier despite some efforts. Do ya know why? Of course you don’t ’cause u are busy flirting with Her- the one who is so familiar with me(u know it too, don’t u?), the one who is fairly hail-fellow with you lately.I don’t know exactly since when i was falling in love with you. I’m sorry for worrying ’bout you too much, for my superficiality that don’t realize how much u are unpleasant and comfortable although i must know it ’cause it is too obvious. Yes, actually i know after several times you replied my messages shortly and curtly. Yeah i know them all. Well it’s 00:05, I’m still missing you who doesn’t belong to meh. I’m sorry . So i will try to forget you by liking another . i know it’s hard ’cause i meet you almost every in our class but i’ll give it a go :)

images-1 “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”